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A Father's Fight For Faith & Family!


Friday Evening, December 4th

Pre-Conference 7:30 to 9:00 PM at St. Anthony, Morris, IN

Holy Matrimony: The Primary Christian Witness of the 21st Century.  

Topics: A Husband's Sacrificial Headship and Devotion; A Wife's Liberating Submission and Encouragement; The Courage to Love and the Love needed for Courage; A Woman's Place; A Man's Duty; Celebrating Gender Distinction.



Saturday December 5th

Start your day with mass at either:

Sts. Philomena and Ceclia at 7:30 AM OR St. Anthony of Padua at 8:00 AM














Registration 8:45 AM at St. Anthony, Morris, IN


Conference One  9:30 AM

A Father's Brandishing of the Kingly Scepter fighting on the Natural and National Fronts.

Topics: Familial Patriarchy; Gender; Subsidiarity; Nationalism; Piety; Patriotism; Catholic Counterculturism; the Virtue of Poverty and the Duty of Providing.


Rosary/Lunch/Fellowship 10:45 AM


Conference Two 12:30 PM

A Father's Embracing of  the Priestly Cross fighting on the Personal and Familial Fronts.

Topics: courage, self-abnegation, humiliation, love, The Virtue of Chastity and the Duty of Protecting


Sign-ups: 1:45 PM 

Coepiscopi Groups.

The essential follow-through banding together in the common cause and specific common causes.


Conference Three 2:30 PM

A Father's wielding of the Prophetic Crosier in the fight on the Cultural & Ecclesial Fronts.

Topics: Informed Catholic Conscience, Clericalism, Traditionalism, Liturgicalism, Coepiscopism, Lay Competencies.

Prayer/Blessing/Adjournment 4:00 PM

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